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Family Law Attorney in California

Zhamakochyan Family Law proudly stands as a distinguished entity led by Siranush Zhamakochyan (Siran). Our unwavering commitment is to navigate the complexities inherent in family matters, delivering compassionate and efficacious legal solutions.

Why You Should Choose Siran?

Because Siran has the qualities you are looking for in an attorney – honesty, hard work and a determination for success.

Siran was born in Armenia, shortly after a devastating earthquake that left her entire city in ruins. Seeing poverty, alcoholism, violence, crime and lawlessness on the streets as a child, Siran wanted to be the change she wanted to see.

At a very young age, Siran already knew she wanted to be a lawyer. When her parents got divorced, Siran learned to live in two different households and to navigate through the struggles children of most divorced families do. Siran has experienced the financial and emotional consequences a divorce can have on everyone involved. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Siran took on more responsibilities than most other teenagers did.

All these struggles made Siran stronger and helped her have a vision for her future – one that would allow her to help others be happy and successful. After moving to the United States, Siran pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. Within the span of ten years, from 2008 to 2018, Siran learned English by taking ESL courses at a community college, graduated from UC Berkely as an undergraduate, went to UC Davis School of Law, and passed the CA State Bar Exam, all while she was raising two young children. She is a happy mother of two wonderful children, a wife, and a successful attorney.

Siran brings the same ambition, hard work, and determination into her legal practice. Siran will use the same qualities that turned her life into a happy success story to help you thrive after your legal battles. Her passion for successful outcomes for all her clients drives her to work hard, to invest all her energy, knowledge, and skills and deliver excellent representation to each and every client. Siran takes pride in her expertise in complex family law matters that involve mixed assets, multilayered compensation structures, business valuations, cash flow analysis, forensic accounting, move-away cases. High-asset and high-conflict cases are a perfect suit for Siran’s expertise. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a professional looking to preserve your assets or a person who is seeking a financial security and stability after your divorce, Siran will help you get there.

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